Bed Bug Hunting Dogs?

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to actually locate, even when you realize you have them. That's why it's so important that dogs can find the bugs humans miss -- a crevice that an ordinary technician might dismiss may be crawling with bed bugs, and you can bet our dogs will pick up on that instantly.

Not only that, they work fast. It can take one of our dogs less than two minutes to search an average-size room (such as a hotel room), and they work their way through larger areas and entire buildings quickly. This is not only quicker than your average human technician, less time also equals less cost versus other methods. Our dogs can also pin down the location of the bed bugs with least 95% accuracy.


That's why K-9 Bed Bug Hunters LLC is offering 10% OFF their inspection services and an additional $50 OFF for each referral that leads to inspection of a Hotel, Hospital, or Medical Care Facility.

K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services (pest control)

  • While each client is different, K-9 Bed Bug Hunters, LLC is offering 10% OFF all their inspection services exclusively to other Accredited Businesses. They're also providing an additional $50 OFF for each referral that results in an inspection of a Hotel, Hospital, or Medical Care Facility


    Take advantage of this opportunity to locate invasive pests in your residence or place of business with the help of K-9 Bed Bug Hunters, LLC, an Accredited Business operating out of Bellevue, MI.

  • Contact K-9 Bed Bug Hunters, LLC directly via email at or by phone at 269-317-4970 and mention that you're an Accredited Business.


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