Remarketing, PPC Advertising

Adtegrity mixes together best-in-class technology, personality, and a competitive spirit to form a digital solutions provider that does things differently. They feel there's much more to digital advertising than technology; Adtegrity is data powered, human driven. Learn More.


Adtegriity offers digital advertising that is highly flexible, trackable, and customizable with campaigns built to reach today’s modern consumers.



To talk pricing and inventory, connect with Tiffany Ewigleben, BBB Digital Marketing Coordinator via email at

Remarketing, PPC Advertising

    • Reach users where they spend most of their time
    • Target specific audiences based on attributes of your ideal customer
    • Ability to change targeting strategies and creative on the fly
    • Gather data on website visitors for future targeting – know who your audience really is
    • Drive users directly to your website with one click
    • Drive and track on-site conversions (e.g. product purchase, quote request, contact form)
    • Generate brand awareness amongst users in your geography
    • Customizable reporting and analytics
  • Adtegrity can reach your ideal target audience wherever they are on the world wide web through a variety of targeting strategies including:

    • Behavior (purchasing habits, websites visited, etc.)
    • Context (websites that are relevant to your audience and your business based on their content)
    • CRM (use your offline CRM data to target past customers and current prospects)
    • Echo (using data from successful campaigns with similar clients)
    • Retargeting (following people around the web after they visit your website to remind them to take action)
    • Competitor Insights (gathering info on your competitors’ campaigns)
    • Whitelist/Blacklist (run on or avoid specific websites)
    • MarketFit (target channels and sub-channels where your audience spends their time)


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