BBB has teamed with iHeartRadio stations serving Southwestern Michigan to get your business' radio ads heard and heard by the right people. We have negotiated competitive rates with these broadcasters to get our Accredited Businesses the most bang for their radio advertising buck.



To talk pricing and inventory, connect with Jack Daley, BBB VP of Sales & Marketing via (616) 419-3029 or

103.3 WKFR-FM

  • Total :60 Commercials: 20

    Total Gross Rating Points: 26.0


    Net Reach: 20,000

    Frequency: 2.1


    On-Air Endorsement ($100 / week)

  • Total :60 Commercials: 20

    Total Gross Rating Points: 38.0


    Net Reach: 16,700

    Frequency: 2.2


    On-Air Endorsement ($100 / week)


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