Internal Trust Assessment

BBB Trust Lab®

Measure your company culture and affect change in one survey.

Focusing on your company’s culture will help you make the right decisions during this crisis. Are you ready to find out how?

Recent research by Bain and Company shows that companies with strong cultures based on trust are 3.7x more likely to have higher business performance. In our current crisis, this is more true than ever before. That's why we're bringing The BBB Trust Lab® Internal Trust Assessment to you, our valued members. 


This assessment gives company leaders a simple and cost effective method for getting a pulse on company culture. The results from this assessment present an opportunity for leadership to identify the gaps that may exist, and then to identify ways to build trust and enhance culture within the organization, all of which will lead to improved business performance.

“The coach we hired to work with us on the results met with our employees. I think they also felt a sense of pride with the results of our survey. So I think it really helped their morale.  It also makes them think that they are a part of some of the decisions that we’re going to make going forward..."

Randy Hansen, President
Centennial Securities

How it works

  • BBB works with leadership to administer confidential and anonymous surveys to staff.

  • BBB compiles the results, which are presented without identifying
    respondent information

  • A BBB approved consultant reviews the results with the organization’s management, with an eye toward organizational goals and next steps
    to improve any identified gaps

  • Staff and organization results are completely confidential

Survey topics include:

  • Employee relationships with management

  • Employee relationships with co-workers

  • Organizational values and culture

  • Organizational communication

  • Organization impact on the community


  • Anonymous Team Surveys

  • Real-Time Data Dashboard

  • Immersive Report

  • Benchmark Your Industry

  • Private and Confidential Data

  • 1 Hour session with BBB approved consultant to review results and recommendations.

Job seekers are putting more emphasis on culture as they choose where to work.

The BBB Trust Lab® Internal Trust Assessment is an investment in your team and your organizational success.

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To learn more about the BBB Trust Lab® Internal Trust Assessment contact Phil Catlett at phil@westernmichigan.bbb.org or call the BBB at 616-234-0569.

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