COVID-19 Response
 Business Toolkit

Access resources, tips and more from the Better Business Bureau to help your business as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

About Us

Everyone at BBB Serving Western Michigan would like to express our heartfelt support and concern for those affected by Covid-19.
We have been busy working to support our community as we all navigate this global pandemic.

From the Great Depression to 9/11, BBB has a history of helping communities navigate challenging times.

Below, you'll find resources, tips and more to help support your business during this tough time as well as information to increase the health and safety of everyone in our community.

BBB National Resources

Building Trust In Trying Times- Tips for business owners during the coronavirus pandemic.


-Webinars; remote learning events for your business.
*not all of events listed are officially endorsed by the BBB, they are simply provided as a resource.

Have an event you'd like to share? Let us know.