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The BBB Co-Op is a network that provides a range of benefits from and for our Accredited Businesses. Learn more about our current offers below:

The BBB Co-Op Ad Program offers competitive ways to easily and effectively advertise your business locally.

BBB Co-op Ad Program

+ Advertising rates have been pre-negotiated with providers and are not marked up by BBB. 
+ Tremendous flexibility with which program(s) and for how long you want to participate. 
+ Associating your business with the BBB brand of trust and ethics in the local marketplace.


Trackable and flexible - customize your digital ads for all types of screens, channels, and social networks.


30 second TV spots served up with frequency, reach, and rates on top, local stations.


Advertise with the highest rated radio stations serving the West Michigan area.


Choose from an array of board types, rotations, and locations to tell your story to local commuters.


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